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Since a very long time, the Ukrainian embroidery has been the best and most precious either a gift or a souvenir. The real picturesque Ukrainian shirt, made of linen and hand-embroidered, decorated with national ornaments using various embroidery techniques, embodies all the fertility of the Ukrainian land and the generosity and hospitality of the Ukrainian nation. Since the ancient times, the embroidery has organically entered the life of the folk, it embodies all its aesthetic principles, the ideals of goodness and beauty, the pursuit of the perfect and refined. Among them, you can find both reconstructed ancient ornaments and modern patterns developed by our designers. Our shirt designs are based on the traditional regional embroidery of Western Ukraine. Each design has its own history of origin and is inspired by either an antique towel found on sales or an exhibition of traditional Western attire. Our clothes are made of natural, linen fabric and decorated by the machine embroidery.

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