Golden Collection

For this stunning and aesthetic collection, the authors tastefully chose both a figurative series and color. Simple and magical bagels and huts, horses and goats, fire-birds and Christmas trees, roosters and angels are decorated in ever-trendy festive colors: shining gold and silver, precious emerald, exquisite marsala.
Toys are hand-sewn from natural cotton textiles, filled with light hypoallergenic holofiber, painted with Italian acrylics and covered with vanilla and orange aromas. Special attention should be paid to hand-made paintings by craftswomen using an ancient geometric pattern. Such geometric graphemes in ornaments have been found not only on embroidered shirts, household cutlery and furniture in Ukraine. Since the time of the Trypillian culture (6-3 millennia BC), such combinations of dots, triangles and strips on pottery performed not only a decorative but also a protective role in the house from the dark forces.

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