Emerald collection

The authors delicately chose images as well as colouring for these stunning aesthetic collections. Simple archaic and magical bagels and houses, horses and goats, firebirds and Christmas trees, cocks and angels are decorated in timeless holiday colours: golden, silver, emerald, marsala.The toys are hand-sewn from natural cotton filled with light hypoallergenic padding polyester, painted with Italian acrylics and soaked with vanilla and orange flavours. Craftswomen’s hand-made paintings with the use of old geometrical pattern are especially worthy. Since old times similar geometrical graphemes in the patterns are found not only on embroidered shirts (“vyshyvankas”), houseware and furniture in Ukraine. Since the times of Tripolie culture (6th -3rd centuries B.C.) similar combinations of dots, triangles and strip-ladder on pottery haven’t performed only the decorative, but also the protective function of the home from evil forces.

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