Tips from our masters!

Tips from our masters!
“How to make a handmade gift that is not ashamed to give”

A gift made by hand is the best idea for a present. However, there are rules for people, who like handmade goods. A good product is hours of laborious work, a well thought out idea, artistic performance. We share tips-how to do something like that, not to blush it).

1. Choose materials in that you are sure. In each city you can find specialized stores, from where the hand-man can always choose something to your liking.

2. If you plan to work with paints, select only safe, high quality, do not lose color. Well, if you are given an eco-certificate for such materials, to be calm. When Koza Dereza conducted the eco-certification of their products, we had to submit not only certificates for paints, but even conclusions about the absence of impurities of heavy metals in them, which was then checked in the laboratory.

3. Work neatly! The product should be well-polished if it is a tree or metal or glass, gently stitched, if we work with textiles, clean and neat if it is paper, etc. There are many options!

4. Think about how your gift will be used and whether it is acceptable to the person who receives it. It is best to give your own hand made product in the family – because you know best about their tastes, and who as non-relatives will appreciate your titanic work and will accept any result with gratitude.

5. Take care of the packaging! Get a packaged gift will be nicer! Package can be made independently or buy a nice box in the shops.

6. Add a postcard. Though we do not have the time to write something today, and prefer electronic communication, but write a greetings from a few sincere words – believe me, it’s nice to everyone.
Successes and creative achievements!

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